ArxEd takes K-12 Mandated Training to a whole new level.

Simplified, centralized, and memorable, our videos and infographics ensure that school staff is prepared for any situation.

Sample Training Videos
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What we can do for you

Improve Mindset Towards Mandated Trainings Icon
Improve mindset towards mandated trainings

Evolve your training approach from a list of “check-the-box” tasks to a more meaningful learning experience

Save Training Related Administrative Time Icon
Save training-related administrative time

Focus your valuable time on other important areas with an efficient pre-packaged training solution.

Easily Deliver Content To All Staff Icon
Easily deliver content to all staff

Simplify training processes by conveniently connecting educators and staff to on-line videos with annual updates.

Prevent Embarrassing Headlines And Costly Litigation Icon
Prevent embarrassing headlines and costly litigation

Prepare staff to handle any potential problems with high-quality content designed to meet all mandated training requirements

Improve Learning And Retention Icon
Improve learning and retention

Feel confident knowing that trainings are is delivered in an engaging, microlearning format, focused on critical content.

Ensure Training Compliance Icon
Ensure training compliance

Rely on our tracking of training progress, with alerts and reporting on program completion.


of children are affected by bullying in their lifetime; 70% experience cyberbullying before the age of 18


of students experience hazing while in high school


American females are a victim of attempted or completed sexual assault


of students say “other kids … bullying them” is the number one reason that teenages turned to lethal violence at school