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Bullying Clip Featured

One in Three children is affected by bullying, and 70% experience cyberbullying before the age of 18

What bullying is, its impact, how to prevent bullying, and how to respond and intervene if it occurs
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Hazing Clip Bg Image

8% of high school students have experienced hazing, and 95% do not report it

Definitions and forms of hazing, social and psychological consequences, steps to keep the learning environment safe and prevent hazing, statistics, and an overview of Massachusetts laws
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Covid Clip Featured

COVID prevention strategies are critical for safe in-person learning

DESE and DPH guidance about
Masking for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals
Diagnostic testing and no-cost services
Contact tracing and quarantine protocols
On-site and local vaccination sites
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Civil Rights And Nondiscrimination Title Vi, Vii, Ix 01
Civil Rights and Nondiscrimination - Title VI, VII, IX

Protecting people from discrimination in schools, clubs, and the workplace

Definitions of discriminatory practices and protections as defined by law, examples of nondiscrimination actions and policies, and steps to take if discrimination occurs
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Student Records Clip Featured
FERPA/DESE – Student Records and Data Privacy

Parents and students trust schools to safeguard sensitive personal information

Requirements concerning what data can be collected, access to records, legal provisions and restrictions, and third-party access
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Universal Precautions Arxed 2023
Universal Precautions

Preventing exposure and transmission of bloodborne diseases from injuries or accidents is everyone’s responsibility

Overview of bloodborne pathogens, how transmission occurs, safety tips to prevent infection from bodily fluids, and what to do if exposed.
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